Buyer's Guide

What are Aluminum Flags?

You see aluminum flags everywhere; petrol stations, garden centres, music festivals, holiday parks, forecourts, community events, basically lots of places! They stand out above the crowd so that your branding or message can be seen by as many people as possible.

How Do They Work?

We supply our aluminium flags as a complete kit, so you’ll have the flag, pole kit and base. You can choose which style of flag you’d like, the size and the base during the order process.

We offer both single sided and double-sided flags. If you choose single sided, the artwork will be legible on one side with a mirror image on the reverse. With double-sided flags, we print two flags, with the artwork reading correctly on both, and then stitch them together with a silver interlining between. This interlining will prevent one flag image showing through to the other side.

You can also choose from nine different sleeve colours to complement your flag design.

The pole kit is supplied in 25mm diameter sections which you then connect together to create the flagpole.

What Sizes are Available?

Aluminum flags come is a range of shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one that is perfect for your event

Why Choose an Aluminum Flag?

  • Big print area
  • Unique look with full colour graphics
  • Quick and easy to assemble