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  • The Atlas is a great flag option that displays your graphic indoors or out on a sensible budget. It comes with a hollow base you can fill with water or sand to make sure it doesn't topple over, even in the wind. 
  • Made from plastic, the Atlas fits together easily and the connections are push-fit, so there are no tools required and it goes up in seconds. It weighs just 2.6kg, too, so it's easy to transport to the venue, although when you fill the base with water it tips the scales at an altogether more impressive 9kg and becomes a formidable opponent for the weather.
  • The Atlas comes with a black pole and base, which fits in with most modern displays, and can carry a lightweight flag up to 550mm x 1800mm, which is more than enough to shout your company's message loud and clear. The overall height of the flag when full erected is 2560mm.